Committee University Budget Office - Fiscal Year 07-08

University Budget Committee

Fiscal Year 07-08 (08-09 Budget Development)

The HSU Budget Review Process establishes the membership composition and role of the University Budget Committee, which replaces the former University Resource Planning and Budget Committee (URPBC). The UBC's charge is to:

  • Advise the President on general budget policy issues that affect the University;
  • Become informed regarding the annual budget of the University;
  • Determine a methodology to use to evaluate budget proposals; and
  • Recommend budget allocations/de-allocations

08-09 Budget Planning Process Timeline (PDF)

Meeting Schedule

Date Location Agenda (PDF) Notes (PDF) Handouts (PDF)
2/15/2008 CCR 2-4pm Agenda Notes  
2/22/2008 CCR 2-4pm Agenda Notes Budget Review Task Force Recommondations
3/7/2008 CCR 2-4pm Agenda Notes Larson Cliff notes on budget
3/28/2008 CCR 2-4pm Agenda Notes President's Recommended Budget
4/4/2008 CCR 2-4pm Agenda Notes Senate Recommendations
4/18/2008 CCR 2-4pm Agenda Notes  
4/25/2008 CCR 2-4pm   Notes President-VP Proposal
5/2/2008 CCR 2-4pm No Meeting    
5/9/2008 CCR 2-4pm   Notes
5/16/2008 CCR 2-4pm