University Budget Planning Details

In September of 2016, President Rossbacher sent a letter to the University community to detail the current budget situation and acknowledge the effort needed to "direct and redirect our resources toward our strategic goals". Dr. Rossbacher acknowledged that, everyone is part of this process. In addition, the message included the "additional context" for the University Resources and Planning Committee to develop budget scenarios to reflect a 5% increase and a 5% budget decrease in 2017-18. As a part of  a formal charge to the URPC, University divisions were asked to "develop and describe" the two budget scenarios. Once developed, these scenarios were expected to act ,"as a tool for understanding strategic priorities and planning and to prepare for the uncertainties of the next fiscal year". As part of the process, at the request of the URPC, the President's Cabinet was asked to develop a plan for these scenarios. In a letter to the URPC in January 2017, the Cabinet recommended a three phased approach "to both address the deficit issue and strategically reinvest our resources to advance Strategic Plan initiatives and achieve the Graduation Initiative 2025 goals":

To begin, the University will focus on implementing Phases 1 and 2 to reduce University expenditures by 5% and begin to reshape our financial structure for sustainable long-term success.  

In February of 2017, the URPC provided commentary and recommendations to the President for Phases 1 and 2. Key components from this letter: 

  • This 5% reduction is necessary to ensure HSU operates with a balanced budget and ceases the unsustainable practice of deficit spending.
  • Phase 1 proposals were approved and it was recommended that campus move forward with implementation, with "broad and direct communication" with campus stakeholders being essential.
  • Phase 2 concepts reflect ideas that will result in considerable campus change and we agree with Cabinet’s desire for members of the University community to have a voice in helping determine the specific changes that will occur.
  • Addressing the deficit will require difficult decisions and it will take the entire University community working collectively together to implement the changes and successfully reshape our financial structure.

In March 2017, President Rossbacher responded to the URPC commentary approving the recommendations and requests for Phase 1 and 2 implementations. This letter also included a charge to the URPC to communicate to the University community the current budget situation and financial reality faced by the University, and the nature and necessity of the changes to be made.

Supporting documents: 

September 2016 letter to the UniversityStrategic Priorities and HSU's Budget

January 2017 letter to the URPCStatus report on fiscal planning for -5% budget reduction for FY 2017-18 

February 2017 URPC letter to the PresidentURPC follow-up letter to the President regarding 5% reduction planning

March 2017: President's response to the February 2017 URPC letter to the President: Approval of Recommedations: Letter to the URPC