University Resources & Planning Committee (URPC)

The URPC is a standing Committee of the University Senate and is defined by the Senate Bylaws and Rules of Procedure (page12). 

URPC Membership

Fiscal Year 17-18 (18-19 Budget Development)

URPC Budget Planning Resources and Information

In general, meetings take place on Fridays from 1:00 to 2:30.

Meeting Schedule and Notifications

1/26/18 NHE 106 URPC Agenda

2017-18 Operating Fund Reports - Q2

ICSUAM Section 2002 Budget Oversight

12/24/18 URPC Co-Chair Memo - Feedback Summary of Phase 2 Reduction Proposals
12/8/17 Goodwin Forum Open Forum Phase 2 Information and Feedback
12/1/17 CCR URPC Agenda URPC Minutes
11/17/17 CCR URPC Agenda Athletics Historical Overview and Context
11/7/17 CCR URPC Agenda URPC Minutes (will post once approved at 11/17 meeting)
11/3/17 Path to Achieving HSU's Budgetary Goals (portal message)
10/27/17 CCR URPC Agenda

URPC Minutes

Excerpt from the California State Auditor's Report #2016-122

ICSUAM Section 2002 Budget Oversight

2017-18 Operating Fund Reports - Q1

10/16/17 Cancelled Cancelled
9/29/17 SBS 405 URPC Agenda

URPC Minutes

9/15/17 SBS 405 URPC Agenda

URPC Minutes

8/31/17 UC Banquet Room URPC Retreat Agenda

URPC Retreat Minutes

Budget Update Presentation

Enrollment and Revenue Planning

Operating Fund Base Budget Allocations History


8/29/17 N/A N/A President's Charge to the URPC for 2017-18
8/14/17 N/A N/A Letter addressing Phase 2 Update, from the President's Cabinet to URPC 
8/4/17 N/A N/A

President Rossbacher response to URPC recommendation regarding the 2017-18 budget

URPC Archives


Corbett Conference Room