2016-17 Account Code Changes

Effective 07/01/2017

Account Use Changes and Reminders

Changes to  account codes for services.

Changes in the definition for the 613001 - Contractual Services object code has impacted the account code campus will use for most services. In the future, most services will be coded as 660003 - Supplies and Services instead of 613001. 

Short story: Use 660003 for simple services and 613001 for complex services EXCEPT when there is an account code which more specifically describes the service being procured:

  • 660801 - Copier Services
  • 616002 - IT Hardware
  • 616003 - IT Software
  • 660061 - Repairs and Maintenance - Building Maintenance (Facilities and Housing only)
  • 660062 - Repairs and Maintenance - Custodial Services (Facilities and Housing only)
  • 660063 - Repairs and Maintenance - Utilities Co-Gen ONLY (Housing only)
  • 660064 - Repairs and Maintenance - Landscape and Grounds Maintenance (Facilities and Housing only)
  • 605006 - Utilities - Hazardous Waste
  • See Other Changes below for new specific codes

Is there a need for a specific account 6608xxx for services under the 660003 Object code?  CLICK HERE

613001 - Contractual Services vs. 660003 - Supplies and Services: When are they used?

The 613001 - Contractual Services code  is for:

  • Complex services that may include detailed specifications, issues of risk and long in duration
  • An expenditure typically processed by the Contracts Specialist (Gail Dungan)
  • An expenditure requiring a formal agreement (Simply: an agreement signed by both parties on the same document.)
  • An expenditure typically not generated via requisition / purchase order
  • Examples: architect services, construction services, consultant services, etc.
The 660003 - Supplies and Services code  is for:
  • Services that are simple in nature and short in duration.
  • An expenditure requiring an informal agreement initiated by campus user in the form of a requisition. May include a quote.
  • Examples: minor equipment repair services, web production services, etc.

Other Changes: 

The definition change has resulted in the movement/change of account codes for Counseling Services, Honorariums, and Guest Lecture/Speaker. The new codes (effective 7/1/2017) will be:

  • 660803 - Counseling Services (old code: 613830)
  • 660809 - Honorariums (old code: 613840)
  • 660810 - Guest Lecture/Speaker (old code: 613850)