Budget Reductions: Phase 1

Phase 1 Status Update (September 2017)

To date, we have achieved $1.5 million in budget savings and reductions as reflected in the updated Phase 1 list, which now includes a status update column. 

Phase 1 Planning

A preliminary list of ideas were evaluated to create a Phase 1 list of reductions and savings ideas for implementation. This implementation includes the development of new revenue opportunities and funding sources, budget savings, the reduction and/or cessation of services and the thoughtful elimination of positions as vacancies are created. Portions of this implementation are already in progress. While most of the Phase 1 reductions and savings will be realized by 2017-18, some savings will not be realized until 2018-19 due to anticipated process changes that must occur prior to implementation.

Phase 1 Categories

New Sources of Funding
  • Identify new revenue sources to support operations
  • Move existing expenses to alternate funding sources
Budget Savings
  • Identify cost savings in exiting operations
Service Changes, Operational Redesigns, and Budget Reductions
  • Eliminate, reduce, or redesign services
  • Redesign existing operations to achieve savings
Internal Reallocations
  • Reallocate savings to offset deficits or bolster high priority items
Supporting documents: 
March 2017:  Phase 1 Implementation Summary (revised 03/27/17)