COVID-19 Financial Tracking

There are three different categories of financial tracking for COVID-19 to ensure we are eligible for reimbursements and to accurately report financial impacts of COVID-19 to various system, local, state, and federal agencies.


Update as of 10/5/2020: All testing and PPE requests should continue to be submitted through the established EOC approval and routing process described below. All other purchase requests are subject to the appropriate divisional CARES process.

Form: ICS Form 213 RR (PDF) 

Submission Timing: Prior to purchase (pre-approval required) 

Overview: In order for campus to be eligible for FEMA reimbursement for purchases related to COVID-19 expenses, purchase requests must be pre-approved through the Emergency Operations Center (EOC). For purchases that are above and beyond normal business purchases, please submit the ICS Form 213 RR to your divisional EOC approver for consideration, who will then forward it to the EOC for approval.

Note: We have established a unique fund for tracking approved COVID-19 general fund expenditures. Expenses that do not go through the EOC pre-approval process will not be reimbursed to the department.

Additional information about purchasing and routing processes is available here.  

Loss Tracking 

(Lost Revenue, Cancellation Fees, Refunds, Cancelled Events and Activities, etc.)

Update as of 10/5/2020: Loss Tracking Summary Forms are no longer required to be submitted.

Form: Loss Tracking Summary Form (Excel) 

Submission Timing: weekly, by COB Thursday (if additional losses to report)

Overview: For estimated revenue and expense losses, losses should be itemized on the Loss Tracking Form and submitted to divisional VP for approval, VP then approves (via email “I concur with the estimated loss amounts itemized on the attached form” or equivalent language) and submits to, to be reviewed and processed by the EOC Finance Chief. Backup documentation related to itemized loss amounts should be included, as appropriate.

Note: This process is subject to change pending initial submissions to FEMA and identification of more concrete submission/documentation requirements

Additional information about travel cancellations is available here

Personnel Time Tracking

Update as of 10/5/2020: Personnel actively working in the Logistics or Finance sections of the EOC are required to continue to track and report their time. All other areas are no longer required to report their time on the ICS 204 form.

Form: ICS 204 Form (Excel)

Submission Timing: per operational period (currently the 24 hour period beginning at 8am each day)

Overview: For personnel actively working on COVID-19, COVID related time should be tracked and reported each operational period and posted in the Google ICS 204 folder or emailed to Complete 204s for each operational period are necessary to ensure we are eligible for FEMA reimbursements that are reflective of the time and effort invested by employees to support COVID-19. 

  • All EOC participation will be tracked centrally and does not require areas to track/report

  • For non-exempt employees working overtime, indicate the number of overtime hours worked in column X. Separate overtime sheets must be submitted via the normal Payroll process to ensure employees are paid appropriately.

Questions regarding COVID-19 financial tracking should be sent to